#Ageing Strong

At Middlicious we believe in Ageing Strong and want to educate and inspire people to see that they still have lots to offer, lots to learn and even more to create.

That ageing is purely a number and attitude is what really counts.

That opportunity is not just for the young and the brave.
It is for everyone who has a vision for their life, wants a plan
and the courage to step into creating it.

We work with mid-life women in particular, to reawaken the dreams they once had and to reinvent themselves as strong women who stride into midlife with confidence, self-awareness and vibrancy.

If you have experienced a change of personal circumstances which has led to a lack of confidence and/or a lack of identity then contact us now, or if you just want to get the most out of the afternoon of your life also contact us.

We want you to Age Strong and live a magnificent and delicious midlife.

What about me?

After several negative experiences of ageism, I wanted to build something that ensured women never felt invisible or diminished because of their age.

I am passionate about my mission to make Ageing OK by educating and inspiring mid-lifers to celebrate and embrace it.

Through the power of individual or group coaching as well as workshops, I put a lot of time and energy into every client I work with.

I offer a no obligation, no risk, free consultation so you can connect with me and see if I am the right person to help you create a magnificent and delicious midlife.

Contact me for a free consultation.