I am a personal coach working with people who want to take action to create the life they want. My work is based on sound principles that are taken from the best of psychology, positive psychology and neuroscience knowledge. 

I teach my clients how to master their thinking and how to build emotional resilience.

I have a Degree in Education and a Diploma of Teaching from Massey University in Palmerston North. I am also, a qualified Hart Life Coach, Certified Success Intelligence coach and have studied with Coach U in America. In addition, I am also a registered YB12 Coach

I have been coaching now for 12+ years and have helped many people move forward in their life when they felt most stuck.

My coaching, speaking and facilitation skills are exceptional as is my ability to put clients at ease while asking the important questions.

My passion is mid-life women, as being one myself, I fully understand the challenges, questions and changes that exist for women reaching the middle years of their lives. I am passionate about helping them discover that they have more value now than ever and to reinvent themselves to go out into the world powerful and exceptional.

In business there is a term called the messy middle and I liken that to what can occur for many mid-lifers.

Personally, I practice what I preach.

In the last few years I have completed a 100k Oxfam walk, walked 250km’s across Scotland, published 1 book and am about to publish 2 poetry books, while continuing to successfully juggle family, business and my personal life.

My  next goals are to complete the Camino 800km walk across Spain, complete 2 more poetry books and a book about embracing mid-life.

I believe that life is for living and to just go out there and do what scares you.


I am a coach, author, poet, solopreneur, fitness lover and mother of five beautiful children and now grandmother to three grandchildren.

I believe in human potential, self-development and stepping out of my comfort zone to be the person I want to be and have the life I want to have.

I also believe it is never too late to begin an adventure and create what it is you truly want.

Some days it is terrifying.

Some days I step into what feels like a chasm of unpredictability and lack of certainty.

It can mean making a video of myself and hitting publish on social media letting go of how I think I come across.

It can mean writing something from the heart and putting it out there sharing the most personal side of who I am.

Other times it can mean sitting on the board of a non-profit and helping those who do not have the blessings I have in my life.

It means filling my time with what counts and what will make a difference.

I am so passionate about what I want to build it compels me to step into the unknown and move forward.

My success may not mean your success and that is what I love about what I do.

I love working with clients to help them define success in their own terms, identify and remove the barriers and give them the tools to create that success – whatever that looks like.

I do not believe in a prescriptive, popular view on success.

I believe in creating what is right for you while benefitting those that are important to you.

I came into coaching after 15+ years of personal development to bring myself out of the big black hole that is depression.

I know all that I teach, works as I am living proof.

Then after attending a workshop where a ‘life’ coach presented, I was inspired to go and study while lecturing at Massey University and raising 5 children.

During that time, I discovered what it is I am meant to do.
I love building the trust with clients so I can ask the tough questions that need to be asked to move a life forward.

I equally love seeing someone set a goal and reach it to then go on, because they believe they can, to build a dream.

My dream of helping others achieve their dream while also writing poetry that touches the souls of a million strangers, means I get out of bed in the morning energised and raring to go.

II would love you to connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation, either face to face, Skype or by phone, to see how we can work together.