What have I done with my life

Like many women of my generation, I spent a large chunk of
my adult life raising children and taking ‘jobs’ rather than pursuing a career.

For some of us, a robust financial situation allowed us to
be at home full time without pressure to go out into the workforce. While a
pleasant situation to sit in, it could also become our trap.

Others, myself included, worked part-time roles around children
and husband often working many hours as we went from our full-time role to our
part-time position.

Poking at our self-esteem

am wary of the number of articles out there that have titles such as ‘Seven things successful people do in the mornings’ or ‘The three most important things to do if you want success’.
While sometimes I think they add value and I have gleaned information from them myself, I do wonder if they add to the sense that we are not quite doing what it takes, have what it takes, or, are equipped with the right stuff, to be ‘successful’.
Meanwhile trying to identify and fix that part of ourselves that forever chases the dream and forever seems to fall short.