Middlicious coaching

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Coaching with me will allow you to have that uninterrupted quiet and private space where you can share your thoughts, identify your challenges and create a path forward to the things you want in your life. Whether you have a goal in mind or just want to figure out some things, coaching with me will allow you to have impartial discussions with someone whose only goal is to discover and support what is right for you. Let’s face it, life isn’t always crystals and rainbows!

Midlife comes with any number of transitions:

  • our children leaving home
  • our careers changing
  • reviewing of our relationships
  • health scares and
  • our parents ageing.

We look in the mirror and see a stranger.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to look at your life and work on the issues you’re facing rather than simply reacting to events as they arise.

I can help you identify things such as:

  • limiting beliefs
  • what is really important in your life
  • your boundaries
  • your own personal values
  • what it is you really want and who it is you really want to be

Working with me will help you find that ‘invisible’ woman that disappeared behind life. I will help you walk a little taller facing life with enthusiasm and resilience.

If you feel you need support whilst you work your way through divorce. Need help in rebuilding your confidence after a job loss. You may be wondering what life now holds as you face your empty nest.

Give me a call to book a free 30 minute assessment consultation.

Coaching packages start at $150.00 +GST per month.