Why do you talk so much – a poem about silence

Why do you talk so much?

Offending the silence with random clutter.

Reverberating through me.

An endless string of what feel like pointless words.

Barely drawing breath, allowing time for interruption.

Does it not tire you?

Taking energy from your soul.

Sharing whatever thought comes into your frenzied brain.

Telling the world so much and yet so little.

Do you not feel heard?

Does nobody listen?

Do you feel invisible?

Needing to justify your existence.

Claim your place in the world.

Desperately stating ‘I am here”

I am here and I have the right to be here.”

I feel drained just hearing you.

For my own protection I switch off.

That is your error.

By saying so much to be heard.

You command so little.

Be silent.

Be silent and allow space between your words.

Draw  breath.

Draw breath.

Deeply trusting that you are here.

That your existence is justified

And I do, indeed, see you.

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