Be still, be kind and be silent

I remember going to a piano concert many years ago.

The pianist flicked his long coat tails behind him as he sat down on the piano stool and paused.

He paused for what seemed like eternity as he gathered himself for the task in front of him

Doing what he needed to do mentally and physically to bring the music forth.

To let his fingers dance across the keys and produce something of beauty. Something for us all to lose ourselves in.

Wiring is a bit the same.

Even though it may seem like it comes easy to those who do not write, it requires both physical and mental capacity.

For me it also requires some emotional commitment as I write from the heart and the heart alone.

As you will have noticed over the last few weeks there have been no words.

I have been bereft of words, certainly words that would enrich your world as your eyes scroll over them taking whatever meaning you need at that moment.

There are many who say that the important thing is to write. To make a time during the day and sit until the words appear.

And they do appear – it is like magic the things that frolic around in my head.

However, for me to justify putting them down on paper and sharing them, they need to be of some value, hold some beauty and give everyone involved a sense that something great has occurred.

The last few weeks have involved starting a new project that requires a great deal of mental capacity, working on a current project which requires presence of body and soul and to carry on with the every day things that life requires the carrying on with.

Which is why the words have laid latent. Buried deep inside and not quite  making it to the page.

So why am I telling you this.

Well 2 reasons

The first and obvious explanation of why you have not heard from me over the last few weeks.

And the other as a reminder to be kind to yourself.

To make sure that when you no longer have the capacity to do what you feel you should, it is time to take a break from things and allow yourself to reinvigorate,

In a world that values busyness stillness is essential.

Where you are told that if you are not pushing all the time you will not ever find greatness, kindness is non-negotiable.

Where you are led to believe that the only way to live a great live is to push yourself beyond exhaustion and strive to be better than your thought you would ever be, rest and silence become life’s breath.

Our mental health is shot.

We have a world full of angry people.

And we no longer have the time to just be.

To just be with ourselves, our broken promises, our lost dreams and all that is the tragedy of life.

And to also be with our own beauty, our aching souls and the people that are there no matter how little we pay them attention.

Yes, the words have been hiding over the last few weeks.

And that is ok.

Because  that is called being Middlicious!

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