Being vibrant

There is something incredibly attractive about vibrancy. It is one of the words I would love used when others describe me.

When people are vibrant, they exude the type of energy, positivity and radiance that many of us envy.

When they walk into a room heads, turn because their presence is significant and real, making them hard to ignore.

The meaning of vibrancy is the ‘state of being full of energy and life.’

When we talk about vibrant colour, we talk about it being ‘rich, luxurious and striking’.

And a vibrant sound is regarded as ‘being strong and having resonance’.

From all angle’s vibrancy is something that projects confidence with a little bit of subtly. When you are vibrant, there is no need to make a lot of noise or dramatic entrances, because your energy outclasses everyone.

As I enter my Middlicious years, I find it easier to obtain because one understands that it comes from a space of authenticity. There is no acting involved and vibrancy comes when we drop our guard and allow ourselves to be just that – ourselves.

I know for me, I am vibrant when I am in the space of creativity, which removes me of limitations or boundaries.

When I am on purpose and doing what it is, I am put on this earth to do.

We talk about people losing their vibrancy when they are unwell or going through some tough stuff that life throws at us from time to time.

Which would indicate that vibrancy needs a healthy us and needs maintaining?

Why do I want to talk about vibrancy?

Because it is vibrancy that keeps us young, and vitality is about an attitude as much as it is about anything else.

It is around doing what you love – I see it in Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley and David Attenborough to name a few whose energy belies the number of years they have walked on this earth.

It is about being confident in who you are, and no-one else can give that to you. Years of experience can knock us into submission or give us the wisdom to understand so much is out of our control. Which provides us with permission to let go.

It requires us to be healthy. As cliché as it sounds, it is an essential factor in maintaining the type of energy needed to be vibrant.

It requires us to see that vibrancy is an option. I have experienced it being easier as I age because I have let go of the belief that I need to prove myself to anybody. The freedom that accompanies embracing my own gifts and journey.

The judgement of others will not hinder me. Your opinions are your own, and I will not take ownership of them for you. They are your burden.

Vibrancy does not stop at our energy.

It continues into what we wear, how we move and the words we say.

Too many women melt into the background as they age wearing black and becoming like everyone around them. There is something incredibly sexy about Middlicious women wearing pattern and colour with confidence. She stands out and turns heads. And the best thing is that is not why she does it.

She does it because it is who she is, and she needs to unleash her individuality.

The language of vibrancy is positive and real. It is words of compliments, gratitude and an endless desire to learn from the world around us.

It sits in that magical space of curiosity and is not stuck in the way things were and the way things have been done, forever.

And most of all, vibrancy has a smile. The type of smile that lights up the room and no matter what is happening, tells the world ‘I’ve got this!’

I have a desire to be vibrant until my last breath.

Which requires the removal of the things in my life that drain me and an expansion of the things that energise me.

Permit yourself to do the same.

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