Feeding your starving soul

What do you long for?

What does your soul yearn to have by its side?You need to bow down to the yearnings you have carried ignoring them as you put your needs aside to feed the needs of those around you.

And for many of you, the longing is ever present not wanting to be pushed aside any further. Not wanting to wait until it is ‘your time’.

It is your time.

It is your time to do the thing that you have not because you do not ‘have the time.

It is your time to ignore the critic who says you  will only disappoint yourself or those around you.

It is your time to feed the insatiable emptiness that cannot be soothed by material nourishment.

Things are not nourishment – certainly not to the soul.

You kid yourself the next purchase will settle the melancholy.

But the melancholy does not want to settle.

The melancholy does not want to go quietly, crawling into a corner to forever be forgotten.

The melancholy wants to rage.

So why do you wait?

You wait for permission – from no -one in particular yet from everyone.

You wait for perfection knowing it is unattainable.

You wait for the money so you can step off the treadmill you are on believing that more is better, that more is the answer to your rage.

You wait for our medication to kick in so you are suitably numb and nothing really matters any more.

You wait to wake up knowing that only you can set the alarm that shocks you out of your slumber.

You wait, and you wait, and you wait.

And before you know it time has passed you by and you wonder with bitterness what the hell happened.

Why your emptiness drags you down into a pit, you no longer feel you can climb out of.

A pit so dark that only your own light can guide you; however your light requires igniting.

And you magnificent, delicious mid-lifer, knows it is time to switch on the light.

It is your time to ignite the flame you have refused to acknowledge for most of your life.

It is your time to give yourself permission no-matter whose disapproval you may attract.

It is your time to know that perfection is a pointless goal and beauty lies in the imperfections.

It is your time to let go of your need for more because you now know that more cannot feed your starving soul.

It is time to wake up unaided and venture into this turbulent and exquisite life.

It is time to put comfort aside and risk it all.

Then, and only then, will you show me who you indeed are?

Show me what your heart longs for and the yearnings of your soul.

Show me that you are alive, you are awake, and you are ready to present your gift to the world.

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