Finding the magic

Today I visited a place that made me smile the whole time I was there. It reminded me to live lightly.
It reminded me of a poem I wrote about living life lightly so I thought I would share it.

The photo is from the House of Giants in Akaroa – it is magical and exquisite.

Living our lives lightly.

Why do you tread heavily?

Wading through life like your burden is the world.

Your spirit drags behind you begging,
Crying out to you
See me, see me.

For it knows that within its fluidity resides your peace.

Waiting for lightness

What rule did you stumble upon as you stepped into adulthood

Are you not curious to know different?
Does your heart not play out another life?

One less serious,

Is it difficult being you with all your heaviness?

Do you not tire of your weighted crown?

You do.

For I see it etched in your lined face, you fake smile and your hollow eyes.

You can’t hide.

Just take one light step.

I dare you.

So light that no imprint is evident so no one will know.

That you dared.

That for one moment you toyed with joy, with laughter and with your spirit.

With lightness.

For one moment

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