Ours is not to reason why

‘Ours is not to reason why.’

I don’t even know who said it but the wisdom seems particularly profound at the moment.

As I put my granddaughter to bed, she asked me why Coronavirus happened because it is ‘bad’.

I was not going to go into markets in China because that would blow her 7-year-old brain into pieces.

So, I said to her that I didn’t know and sometimes things happen because they just do.

I answered her questions about people dying and all the stuff in the news as honestly as I could because while I did not want to scare her, I did not want to sell her unicorns and rainbows – and we both like unicorns and rainbows.

I used to believe that everything happened for a reason. It felt a solid way to deal with things that felt hard to deal with.

However, one day something happened that no reason could soften the devastation of the event that occurred.

It just happened and it was shit. (it was not to me but to someone close and witnessing them go through it was a great leveller).

Sometimes bad shit just happens.

And sometimes there is no reason that will soften the crippling fall to the knees of those that are impacted by it.

People do bad things.

Markets drop losing people everything they have.

Good people die untimely deaths.

And yes, a virus changes the world as we know it.

Things that no reason can justify.

However, it reminds us of just how amazing the human spirit is.

That people find immense strength to carry on and put some type of normality into their lives until the new normal arrives.

And the new normal does arrive.

In his book ‘Mans’s search for Meaning’, Victor Frankl speaks about how quickly inmates entering Auschwitz adapted to their new normal. As horrific as the new normal was, they quickly adapted and got on with trying to survive.

History is riddled with horrific, normality defying events and most adapt to the new normal that exists afterwards.

Because that is what we do and that is why we are still here today and even progressing.

So next time someone tells you there is a reason for everything remind yourself that there is peace in the acceptance that sometimes there just isn’t.

And I am ok with that.