The perils of honesty

‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.’ Rumi.
It is a saying I love. Its beauty moves me every time I read it.
Because it speaks of a safe place where great conversations occur.

Our sense of Failure

Last week I wrote about our strong sense of not being enough. This week I take that a step further and discuss that other strong sense we battle with – our sense of failure.

Being enough

You can’t really think about success without considering what drives people.

What has driven you to be the person you are and to do the things you have done?

Once we hit midlife, these questions can become all the more critical as we find ourselves either in the space of dissatisfaction or the hallowed ground of contentment. (which ironically, unnerves many of us)

Finding the magic

Today I am in Akaroa and we visited a magical place that reminded me to see the magic in life.

So I thought I would share a poem about treading life lightly/

Picking your battles

It is about the lessons I have learned around picking my

Because in my 50’s one lesson I have learned above all
others is to pick my battles.

To decide what is really important and what is just not.

Dream the big Dream

There are days when I 
sit in fear and emotions take over.

I can break down into those sobs that come from your soul.
Sobs that leave you wretched and your face covered in snot.

There is nothing glamorous about breaking down this way. I
have yet to look like Demi Moore in ‘Ghosts’!

Always on my own and only when the task I have set myself
feels too hard.

Not the task of the time, but the big overarching dream that
holds everything together.

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