Taking love into the afternoon of our lives


It is said to make the world go around, and it can evoke our highest highs and our lowest lows.
Poets and composers have captured its essence for centuries, and if we have the privilege of feeling its unconditional presence in our lives, magic can happen.

I say ‘if’ because unconditional love is a rare beast.

As we stride into the ‘freedom years’ love is something that is on the mind of many mid-lifers. (this is unfortunately illustrated by being the biggest demographic represented in divorce statistics)

Assessing our inner circle

Having people in our lives who believe in us as much as we believe in them is vital as we enter our freedom years.
People with whom we can be real on our good days as well as our bad and know that judgement is never close and understanding resides in the space between us.
And that the beauty and the ugliness of who we are, is accepted and forgiven.

Being vibrant

There is something incredibly attractive about vibrancy. It
is one of the words I would love used when others describe me.

When people are vibrant, they exude the type of energy,
positivity and radiance that many of us envy.
When they walk into a room heads turn because their presence is significant and
real making them hard to ignore.

Holding ourselves back

Those who know
me on any level, know my love of walking.

Walking takes me back to my heart and
soothes my aching soul if that is what is required.

I find uphill easier than many. I have
been referred to as a mountain goat by those left in my wake as I stride to the
view at the top.

Putting soul into your day

I am sitting here listening to Beethoven as I write.

Certain music puts me in my heart space, the space that I write
from. The space where the magic of my words unfold and my deep self is shared.

It is music I find moving,

Music that touches me on a deep level.

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