Holding ourselves back

Those who know
me on any level, know my love of walking.

Walking takes me back to my heart and
soothes my aching soul if that is what is required.

I find uphill easier than many. I have
been referred to as a mountain goat by those left in my wake as I stride to the
view at the top.

Putting soul into your day

I am sitting here listening to Beethoven as I write.

Certain music puts me in my heart space, the space that I write
from. The space where the magic of my words unfold and my deep self is shared.

It is music I find moving,

Music that touches me on a deep level.

Midlife myth no 4

I truly believed, somewhat naively, that when I hit
mid-life, I would always back myself.

Self-doubt would be a stranger to me and well planted in my

That the tortuous and constant berating of oneself would
have taken a permanent vacation leaving me to thrive on my own.

I would step confidently into the world with nothing but
words of self-love circling my now unoccupied head.

Well, that is not the case.

What have I done with my life

Like many women of my generation, I spent a large chunk of
my adult life raising children and taking ‘jobs’ rather than pursuing a career.

For some of us, a robust financial situation allowed us to
be at home full time without pressure to go out into the workforce. While a
pleasant situation to sit in, it could also become our trap.

Others, myself included, worked part-time roles around children
and husband often working many hours as we went from our full-time role to our
part-time position.

The importance of Empathy

As I have hit mid-life, I am more discerning about who I allow
in and who I don’t.
I think it is one of the most important lessons as we age. That friendships are
not about quantity. They are about quality.

It is not about the number of friends we have but the things
we seek to feel safe with those we choose.

There are virtues I want to give to those I love and there
are virtues I need back.

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