Midlife Myth no 2

  I naively assumed that in my late 40’s -early 50’s I would be happy. Based on nothing I may add. Just the idea that I would have enough wisdom to understand what happiness is. Happiness can seem an elusive … Read More

Mid-life myth no 1

  Guess what?   I am 56 and my life isn’t sorted.   I really thought it would be by now. And I am sure many of you thought yours would be to. That you would enter your 50’s with … Read More

On being invisible

I remember the first time it happened to me. I had been told that it will happen as I get older however always thought it was just the ramblings of bitter women who felt life had passed them by. (my … Read More

Welcome to the Middlicious Mid-Life Movement

Welcome to the journey. Here I am, 56, and pondering. At the latter stage of my professional life and in the midst of what we call ‘middle age’, or, and possibly a more flattering term, Mid-life. An age where I … Read More

Let vision drive you

Vision, in a nutshell, is the big picture stuff. It is that heady dream that you share while others roll their eyes and say to themselves, yeah right. A vision is what makes your heart sing, what gets you up … Read More

Living the life you love

Bonnie Ware wrote a fantastic book ‘The 5 regrets of the dying’. As a palliative care nurse for many years, she had endless conversations with people at the end of their life. I guess facing death is a real incentive … Read More

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