Dream the big Dream

There are days when I 
sit in fear and emotions take over.

I can break down into those sobs that come from your soul.
Sobs that leave you wretched and your face covered in snot.

There is nothing glamorous about breaking down this way. I
have yet to look like Demi Moore in ‘Ghosts’!

Always on my own and only when the task I have set myself
feels too hard.

Not the task of the time, but the big overarching dream that
holds everything together.

Walking for joy

I love walking.

It is my choice of fitness. (along with some pretty hard hours at the gym.)

What I feel when I walk is missed from the window of a car, bus or train.
The breathing heart of a place, the angry streets, the bland backwashes and personality of the city.

Feeding your starving soul

What do you long for?

What does your soul yearn to have by its side?

You need to bow down to the yearnings you have carried
ignoring them as you put your needs aside to feed the needs of those around us.

Tell me like it is

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The pain and joy that are birthdays.

Technically, it’s just another day – yesterdays tomorrow, and tomorrows yesterday.
Just another day.
On your birthday you are still only 1 day older than you were the day before.

The year we venture into another decade is always treated as significant.
As a celebration that we have made it this far and are still happy and healthy.
Or a warning of ticking time, unfulfilled dreams and an impending sense of becoming superfluous.

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