Is setting goals robbing you of joy?

We are in the success age. Where we have unlimited access to information about how to be successful, what success looks like coupled with endless examples of people who, against all the odds, have created great success in their lives. … Read More

Why do you talk so much – a poem about silence

Why do you talk so much? Offending the silence with random clutter. Reverberating through me. An endless string of what feel like pointless words. Barely drawing breath, allowing time for interruption. Does it not tire you? Taking energy from your … Read More

The tyranny of nice

It is an interesting word I always think – ‘nice’ “She is such a nice person’ or ‘They are such a nice couple’. Phrases spoken around the globe on a daily basis and yet I cannot help feel a discomfort … Read More

Be mindful of who you surround yourself with

Recently I decided to attempt to gather a team of people and participate in a fundraising event that involved walking 100km’s.  I love the idea that you are doing something that stretches you while also raising money for those in … Read More

Living lightly

Here is a poem I wrote about living lightly. I hope you enjoy Why do you tread heavily? Wading through life like your burden is the world. Your spirit drags behind you begging, Crying out to you See me, see … Read More

Learning to let go

Life is a fascinating journey. It is one of ups and downs, highs and lows. There are times when everything goes smoothly and there are times when they don’t. And there are those times where something big comes at you … Read More

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