Finding your state of grace

  Some days I struggle to find my state of grace. That space where forgiveness lives, where softness sits quietly and where moving forward nudges you. That space where your heart resides and peace presents itself gently in its hands. … Read More

Midlife Myth no 2

  I naively assumed that in my late 40’s -early 50’s I would be happy. Based on nothing I may add. Just the idea that I would have enough wisdom to understand what happiness is. Happiness can seem an elusive … Read More

Mid-life myth no 1

  Guess what?   I am 56 and my life isn’t sorted.   I really thought it would be by now. And I am sure many of you thought yours would be to. That you would enter your 50’s with … Read More

On being invisible

I remember the first time it happened to me. I had been told that it will happen as I get older however always thought it was just the ramblings of bitter women who felt life had passed them by. (my … Read More

Let vision drive you

Vision, in a nutshell, is the big picture stuff. It is that heady dream that you share while others roll their eyes and say to themselves, yeah right. A vision is what makes your heart sing, what gets you up … Read More

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