Putting soul into your day

I am sitting here listening to Beethoven as I write.

Certain music puts me in my heart space, the space that I write from. The space where the magic of my words unfold and my deep self is shared.

It is music I find moving,

Music that touches me on a deep level.

The playlist would probably surprise you as it is a mixture of many pieces.

I have music I dance to (yes in the privacy of my own home), music I sing to, music that energises me and music that soothes my aching soul.

And, of course, music I write to.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to talk to you about putting things into your daily life that moves you.
 That get underneath the armour and make life just that little bit easier.

Honouring yourself by putting things you love just for the sake of loving them, into your day.

I am out of sorts today. You know the days when things feel discordant and enthusiasm is in short supply.

They are not that often however when they do arrive, I am very clear on what I need to shift my energy.

Music is one of those things.

And writing poetry.

Poetry is such a wonderful way to express emotion that needs to be expressed while also touching the souls of strangers.

I have written poetry since I can remember.

It is one of my ways of giving to the world.

So many of us buy into the busy-ness disease and carry our busy-ness as a badge of honour.

Never stopping to think what that busy-ness costs you. How it can slowly eat away at your essence bit by tiny bit until you crash and feel you have nothing left to give.

I have learned to manage my time so I don’t feel that craziness that comes with wanting to do it all in an unrealistic space of time. Trying to force things to happen that are just not meant to in the time span I have committed to.

I make time in my day to honour me.

I exercise .

I listen to podcasts.

I listen to music.

I read. I always have a ‘learning’ book and a novel going at the same time.

And, yes wait for it, I watch things on TV that I can escape into.

I feed my soul.

I am in an industry that requires me to give so I need to be ready and able to give to those that pay me to do so.

When I honour me I can honour them.

Write down a list of the things you love. The things that you know feed you.

It can be anything – from sitting in a café on your own watching the world go on around you (I actually really enjoy that. It can be my most creative time).

Or it could be walking in nature.


The list is actually endless.

Now, yes now, commit to putting one of these into your day. Every day.

I promise you it will feel great and you will begin to claw back all that is taken from you in the everyday madness.

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