Social Media

A touch of irony in todays post.

I wanted to share a poem I wrote about Social Media.
Yes I see the irony however it is something to think about. Enjoy

You’ve worked out today.
at least everyone knows.
Did you not think it counted if you kept it to yourself.
Were those at the gym not witness enough?

Oh, your single now
or maybe its complicated
Did you think baring your secrets to the world
Would make it different, ease the pain.

What is it you seek when you tell.
Approval, validation, proof of your existence
Or is it just to know that you are part of this world
and that you are noticed.

Noticed for the enviable life you seem to live.
that you compare favourably with your 500 friends.
that everyday is an adventure
and happiness is only a post or a tweet away.

Do you move forward when the likes and shares aren’t there?
Wondering what it was you did so people looked away.
Does your bruised ego retreat looking for something bigger
More dramatic.

 I have a secret to tell.
Your posts tell me nothing of who you are.
Rather who you think you should be.
Too impress me when I don’t need impressing.

They tell little of your soul and what makes it bleed.
of what your heart yearns for
and the small losses that cut away
At your confidence.

They show me nothing of your dreams.
your successes and your failures, big or small.
Instead that cushion me into a false belief of who it is you are.

Look up from your screen.
And meet me in the middle.

Into the space of conversation and human contact.
The space where we build each other to conquer the world.

Where you can tell me your secrets safe in the knowledge.

That, on this occasion, I will not share.

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