Visioning for 2020

I know at this time of year, many articles are telling us why and how we should set goals for 2020.

And it will be on turbo because 2020 brings in a new decade.

We should all stand to attention doing an in-depth analysis of our position (without, of course, comparing it to those around us). Setting big audacious goals that are going to change our lives significantly because, god forbid, we live a year similar to the last one.

I have in the past, sent an email with ideas about making the new year a great one. However, perhaps because I am older and wiser, I have decided to avoid that trap
Enough people are putting that pressure on us, and I do not want to add to that.

I do wonder if it places us in the space of judgement between those that do set goals and those that don’t. The potential for one as said group to look down on the other is large.

And while deference is not something we demand, neither do we wish for contempt based on the choices we make.

I have said it many times; I can’t help but feel that the constant pressure to set goals and achieve new heights is contributing to the poor and concerning mental health stats in the western world.

It has become a crime to live an ‘ordinary’ life, which is somewhat concerning as that is the life most of us live. And, to be honest, it is more often than not, a good life.

Surely, it is the life we are happy in that is a good life. And much of that is to do with choice.

Choice and knowing oneself enough to understand what a good life means to us as individuals and to be guided by that.

As I age, I realise that constant striving does not necessarily contribute to ageing strong.

That peace in one’s heart and grace in one’s soul are the real aims.

I am certainly encouraging you to be inspired and to push the boundaries on your own life.

However, I am aware that in midlife, the last thing we need is another reason to feel a failure and pointless goal setting can, and sometimes does, lead to that.

It is so easy to focus on setting goals that can often serve no purpose other than to shout out we achieved them. It has occurred to me on more than one occasion if we would do some of the things we do if we did not get the accolades we seek on social media.

Whenever I speak to an audience about goals, I talk about the power of vision.

The power of having things in our life that have emotion attached to them rather than the tick box exercises that goals can become.

Goals are a great way of moving towards the vision we have; however, there needs to be some pleasure in the journey and, more importantly, some heart.

So, instead, I have decided there are things I am going to focus on this year that I thought I would share in the hope that you gain some value.

  • I am going to put more fun into my life. At the moment, my life is work and home, where I do more work. I want to make sure I put time into my day doing something because I enjoy doing it and for no other reason. I want to stop ending work to carry bricks.
  • I am going to learn some new things. I love the idea of learning how to play the drums. They are an instrument I have always felt an attraction. Singing lessons are on the card as well as it is a dream to sing once to an audience.
  • I am going to dance and sing more. Be it through formal opportunities or just because I can.
  • I am going to live in a more significant space of honesty – not the kind that divides, the type that cherishes me and the truth I hold. Grace, which I value immensely, comes from the place the reveres my divinity.
  • I am going to spend more time with people who get me and appreciate those people. Relationships are so meaningful and indeed the essence to ageing strong, so I am going to treat them with the value they hold.
  • I am going to go on more adventures – small ones as well as maybe the odd big one. Often we think adventures mean big, audacious happenings hence we stop planning the next one.
  • I want to see parts of my beautiful country that I have not seen. To continue to remind me of this beautiful, breathing land.

And most of all I am going to appreciate every day I am here. Everything in my life that is wonderful and the people that make it precious.

I wish you another year filled with magic, love, laughter and the things you want in there to know that you are living well.

After all, it is your life.