Walking for joy

I love walking.

It is my choice of fitness. (along with some pretty hard hours at the gym.)

What I feel when I walk is missed from the window of a car, bus or train.

The breathing heart of a place, the angry streets, the bland backwashes and personality of the city.

I love that no matter where I am, I can walk – I can put on my shoes and explore the places I am at from all sorts of different angles.

I love that all one needs to be walking is a decent pair of shoes – and I have been through many pairs of those.

I have walked 100k in 25 hours where I learned about the power of team, going on to walk 250k across Scotland.

I cannot tell you how much that Scotland walk impacted on me. The sights, the people and the companionship of wonderful women with the same vision.

I will walk in the rain, in the wind – hell I would walk in snow if we had it here where I live.

It is about my soul.

I walk for joy.

When I am out in Nature, there is a peace in my heart that I rarely experience.  A stillness and space for me to be.

Whether I am on my own or with my walking group,

I always feel I have achieved equilibrium when I walk.

When I walk around a city, I will often have music or a podcast in my ears to energise or educate me.

When I am in nature, real bush, river, sea, mountain -I want to breathe in the sounds of unspoiled life. I only have my phone with me in case it is required for an emergency.

There is pain in walking. I have let many a curse word out on my way up a big hill and even more going down because for some reason I find downhill somewhat precarious.

I have dealt with blisters, injuries and days where it all feels too hard.

But I keep walking because I know it keeps me physically healthy while supporting my mental and emotional health as nothing else can.

Walking the Camino in Spain is well within my sights – it is an 800k trek across Spain that is supposed to follow the trail of St James – hence the name the St James Way.

It is a heart desire. Even when I sit here writing about it, I can feel tears teasing my soul at the very thought of walking this great walk.

It is also my dream to start annual Walking Retreats taking mid-lifers on journeys that challenge them, grow them and help them discover their hidden capabilities.

I want you to love walking as well.

The beauty of walking is no matter what your fitness level you can start now — this very moment.

Literally with small steps.

All it requires is for you to put some supportive shoes on, open the door, walk out and begin.

I promise you it will add something to your life that is only for the better.

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