Aimee Stewart – Connect Plus Part 2

Middlicious Musings
Middlicious Musings
Aimee Stewart - Connect Plus Part 2

Niki and Aimee continue their conversation about all things mid-life.

1:37 – Aimee talks about her 3 life lessons. 1) Don’t worry about the small things 2) When people put you down it is more about them than you and 3) focus on the things that will help you achieve your goals. Don’t get distracted by noise.

2:25 – Niki asks what are small things because many of us lack perspective on what is small and unimportant. Don’t worry about the silly things that don’t matter. EG Does it matter if you haven’t folded the washing for a couple of days?

5:05 – When something big happens in your life does it help you put perspective on to things. You begin to see what is really worth getting upset about.

6:05 – As we get older we critique out inner circle a lot more. We are more mindful of who we spend time with. We can look at the friend we want to be and be more mindful of who we can be that best person with. As women we need to learn to support to each other. Aimee and Niki talk about situations in their life when women should have supported them and didn’t.

8:58 – Niki talks about how jealousy springs from inadequacy. When someone gets something you want and you don’t feel you can have it.

10:10 – As mothers we need to teach our women to be strong women and our boys to be strong men who can support strong women.

12:08 – what are the biggest distractions that prevent us from getting what it is in our life. Aimee talks about getting involved in things that she doesn’t need to as well as spending lots of time scrolling on social media. She talks about how she does time keeping in her work so she knows where her time goes.

15:00 – a discussion around LinkedIn and how the powerful platform it is.

18:18 – what is the plan for the next 10 years. Aimee talks about wanting to live more in the present. Keeping work at work and her family time as that. Niki talks about the ‘5 regrets of the dying’ by Bonnie Ware. the No 1 was people live the life others expected of them and not the life they want.

21:37 – Niki asks Aimee what moves her. She talks about the power of seeing her business clients achieve their goals because of how they have contributed to their business. They also go on to talk about how hard business is and how we put on a face of doing well when things are maybe aren’t going so well.

24:00 – Aimee talks about her favourite movie ‘Gloomy Sunday’. She goes on to discuss the song that it is based on. They go on to talk about how we watch TV very differently these days.

28:13 – what would you say to women entering midlife. Aimee invites to embrace it.

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