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Middlicious Musings
Middlicious Musings
Aimee Stewart - Connect Plus

1:55 – Aimee tells what it was like to grow up with 5 sisters in the south. She also talks about what led her from a Degree in Art History to a career in Fashion

4:13 -A dream job of being a buyer with a fashion house. Niki laughs as for her, as someone who hates shopping, this would be a nightmare. The beauty of difference

6:41 – A discussion around the challenges with retail and encouraging mid-lifers to be relevant and be ahead of the game. Aimee talks about the business she started with her business partner, Connect Plus and how they help by becoming involved with the business. There is also a discussion about overseas and how the move is going back toward boutique stores

8:31 – the lost opportunity regarding marketing to midlifers. The Boutique stores are more targeting mid life women in particular. A discussion about how mid life shoppers differ to younger shoppers

10:16 – Niki asks Aimee what has surprised her about getting older. How society does not value us. The surprise of being irrelevant and not being valued or invited to express an opinion. Niki shares an experience of ageism that while amusing is also very telling.

12:03 – Is the journey of ageing tougher for women? What about our midlife white men who are the new hated

12:37 – Is this what we thought life would be at this age? Aimee talk about the difference between 20 & 30. Focusing on the elements of her life now that are great.

14:33 – the pressure we put on ourselves because of where we feel we should be. The judgement around motherhood. Niki talks about some beliefs around retirement and it being the last stage of life.

17:08 – What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Not sweating the small stuff. Enjoy life. Don’t worry about what other people think.

19:00 – a discussion about mental health, meditation and what does being mentally healthy look like. Niki talks about her concerns around mid life suicides.

22:00 – Has social media been a game changer? And how we let technology invade our lives. The spoken word drifts past us and gives us an opportunity to consider and respond.

27:50 – 3 life lessons. 1) Don’t worry about things that don’t matter. 2) let go of what others think 3) focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals

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