EJ is back – Sisterhood of style

Middlicious Musings
Middlicious Musings
EJ is back - Sisterhood of style

NIki talks to EJ from Sisterhood of style to discuss what we can do at the beginning of the year to create a New Year, New You.

1:54 – Niki asks if there is anything EJ encourages people to do at the beginning of the year regarding their wardrobe. They go onto discuss the pressure that comes with New Year to set goals and reinvent ones self.

2:40 – EJ encourages us to have a No Spend January – because of the financial pressure that comes with Christmas and also to go easy on ourselves and use January to see what is going to unfold in the New Year. Janaury is a time to get back into the flow of things and figure out what is important.

4:07 – EJ also goes on to say that New Year can be cleansing time because we often have that time in New Zealand because that is out big, summer holiday.

6:01 – Is there a risk around sales that people buy things they don’t need and don’t wear, because they are cheap. EJ comments that she says it a lot. Bulky wardrobes where people only wear 20-30% of their clothes because they are overwhelmed with what they see.

8:29 – A discussion around buying things that are ethically made. Is shopping ethically and sustainable harder? EJ goes on to encourage people to do their research regardless of whether they are buying high end or high street. Tearfund put out a list every year where they rate companies on how they are doing ethically.

11:00 – Visible mending is a new thing where people make their old clothes bespoke by visibly mending them with a different colour thread or fabric. It is a step up from re-purposing. EJ also invites us to look after our clothes more so they last and to get away from using cheap washing products full of micorbeads.

14:05 – What do we need to think of as Midlife women? We are told that our waists will thicken and for many of us our body does change. Look at what you have rather than what you don’t. Accentuate the positives. Putting a line at a point you want to accentuate. eg – if you want to accentuate your waist then wear a belt. She also goes onto say to remember that others do not look at us with the critical eye we do in the mirror. We need to learn to be kinder to ourselves.
Wrap dresses are great with thickened waists and A-line dresses to the kneww

18:19 – What are the common mistakes when it comes to style? 1) Holding onto a size that no longer fits because we do not want to go up a size and 2) buying too much. Sales can be good however there are some things to think about a) use them to buy those more expensive items that are going to last for years like handbags, lingerie. b) don’t go in with the idea of buying bulk of anything.

23:55 – Lets challenge the idea that the smaller number the better we are. The perceptions we have about our size. There seems to be two types of women – those that think they are bigger than they are and those that think they are smaller.

26:31 – So what do we do as we age to be that vibrant older women that doesn’t melt into the background and stands in their own individuality. Use colour and wear what makes you feel fabulous.

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