EJ – Sisterhood of style

Middlicious Musings
Middlicious Musings
EJ - Sisterhood of style

2:05 – EJ talks about how she got into style consulting. How she noticed at 40 that she felt really confident however other women did not seem to feel the same way.

4:47 – Emma makes a comment about how we use clothes to armour ourselves and also to help ourselves feel more confident. We wear how we feel whether we mean to or not.

5:12 – Niki starts the discussion around menopause, our reluctance to talk about it and how we change that. She also talks about how women believe that when they turn 50 they feel invisible however they make it worse by wearing themselves into invisibility.’

6:55 – EJ states how she is not going to go into menopause quietly, It is finding peace with the changes that occur during this time. She talks about how she wants to style women as they are not -not how they were 10 years ago. She wants to help women redefine their style again and reignite their confidence. To help them show a bit more of their personality.

8:28 – Niki poses the question where do we find real role models for ageing women? Women who have the thickened waist and the other changes that can come with mid-life. The everyday role models that make it ok to look a bit older. And do we need to get rid of terms like ‘frumpy’.

9:29 – what does it mean to come to a personal stylist. EJ talks about her style parties, personal shopping, wardrobe edits. She goes on to say that she works on building on what they already have rather than getting stuck into the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’

11:13 – Niki praises EJ’s idea that rules are for breaking. Niki expresses her concern around style consulting because women do not need another set of rules.

11:50 -EJ shares a story of a client she worked with on the day we recorded. How it was about helping this person find who she was again after she had lost a lot of weight. Also how we want change however can be resistant to it.

14.00 – Women get stuck in a rut of sameness! Why does it happen? Does it we felt good at a particular age so we continue to look like that.

16:20 – the importance of being inspired by the right people. Following the best people on Instagram and being influenced by the right things. Also does the Kiwi Tall Poppy syndrome come into play.

17:48 – do we get into the habit of wearing the same thing because it was easy. Niki discusses the idea of minimizing decision making. EJ responds with the I have nothing to wear syndrome and the ideas that can reduce the morning angst that comes with deciding what to wear. She shares her tip of making sure you get what you are wearing out and ready the night before – right down to your underwear.

20:29 – reducing the need to have seasonal based wardrobes. Do we make the mistake of buying a lot of clothes in the attempt to look good, or because it is on sale. Buying things for the wrong reasons. Simple rule of does it look great, does it enhance your body shape and does it make you feel good.

22:12 – Niki asks the question what makes women look fantastic as they age. She goes on to share her ageing role models including the Queen who rocks with colour in her 90’s. EJ says it is about head to toe. Finding your style and feeling comfortable. Having great skin care so you enhance your healthy glow. Finishing off the outfit. Even down to the right bra. She encourages women to get a bra fitting in menopause.

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