Eleanor Butterworth – Healthy Relationships

Eleanor Butterworth – Healthy Relationships

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Today’s podcast I talk to Eleanor Butterworth who works for NZR in the healthy relationships.

  • Eleanor tells her story of being a young mum and how it lead her to a career in the social services/harm prevention space
  • Studying a combination of psychology and religious studies and the deepness gained by that.
  • enjoying the beauty and the joy of living in Edinburgh.
  • Taking children on your OE and making them part of everything you do.
  • How travelling in midlife is different and about creating memories and embracing the culture
  • Eleanor talks about her epiphany at a young age of asking the question what she wanted to do with her life
  • The joys of grand-parenting
  • being an optimist in a line of work that deal with things often perceived as negative
  • the negative connotations around ageing and how the negative experiences are the ones that shape us.
  • Staying well when you are dealing with some of the worst things in life and how when you see the worst you also see the best.
  • The powerful wisdom of the everyday people and how Niki moves to celebrate it.
  • Domestic violence and how it exists in all sectors of society and breaking all the stereotypes
  • The shame around domestic violence
  • The different types of abuse including financial, mental and emotional and physical as well as the tricks people play to deny people of what they are entitled to.
  • The view when your dreams of the perfect person and the perfect relationship is shattered.
  • How one type of abuse comes with other types of abuse. It is wearing the person who is abused down that makes them vulnerable.
  • What to do if you have someone you know is in an abusive relationship and the importance of staying connected with them. Isolating someone is part of the abusive pattern so outside friends are vital.
  • The powerlessness of being the observer on the outside.
  • Some things to consider when you need help.
  • Can the abusers stop the behaviour and is there hope they can. They need to be motivated and have the support to do so.
  • Giving up the idea that other people’s relationships are out of bounds – we need to give ourselves permission to ask questions

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