Geoff Pound – Personal Trainer

Geoff Pound – Personal Trainer

00:00 / 27 minutes

Niki continues the conversation with Geoff Pound who has been Niki’s own personal trainer.

In this episode:

  • Niki asks Geoff how do we get midlife women into gyms. Niki talks about how she has been attending a gym for years however rarely sees midlife women like herself.
  • Helping people understanding that they gym is not what people thinks it is – it is not a scary place
  • He also talks about what actions he takes to help people see no one is noticing what they do. People are to involved in what they are doing themselves.
  • Geoff discusses the help culture that tends to exist in the gym – if you want help ask the fittest looking person. They know what it is like to be where you are.
  • Niki talks about her own experiences and habits in the gym including her experience in female only gyms
  • Niki asks Geoff about the common mistakes people make when it comes to exercise.
    • People building a base layer of Cardio Vascular without doing strength.
    • People only using machines and not free weights.
    • thinking they can do it all on their own – the importance of getting an assessment from an expert at the beginning
    • Start with an understanding of how you move as it affects everything
  • The questions is asked around the fear of women to muscle up like a man. Geoff talks about how much actual work it takes to get like that
  • Getting clients to understand that there is no quick fix – changing one’s body takes time and commitment
  • A discussion around people’s perception of what they can make their body look like. Do clients need a reality check sometimes?
  • A discussion around how reality TV and social media challenges has impacted on the fitness industry and people’s expectations.
  • How do we balance accepting who we are and be the best at who we are with understanding everyone is different.
  • Understanding what you actually need to do to achieve what you want and what you need to sacrifice.
  • Discussion about what the best cardio is for midlifers. Geoff discusses he believes everyone should be able to run 1km and keeping fit for what life requires physically
  • Working out intensively and how that changes as we age. The importance of recovery.

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