Greg Watson and owning investment properties

Greg Watson and owning investment properties

00:00 / 28 minutes

3:39 ‘Property investment in NZ does better over time. In property ‘time is your friend’.

4:50 ‘As well as the rate of return you also have the ability for that property to gain in value’

4:59 In this region property values have doubled every 13 years

5:46 The Manawatu has steady gains so you can gain over time.

6:26 Negative gearing – what it is and the risks that come with it.

8:05 The changes in tax laws regarding investment properties.

8:26 You want to be as cashflow positive as possible. You may go through a few years where you have to top it up but regard it as a savings scheme

10:15 2014-17 33,000 people left Auckland for the regions as property prices and rent rose.

10:51 The fundamental problem is a shortage of houses

11:14 In New Zealand we have a fundamental belief that everyone should own a home – is entitled to own a home. In many other countries people rent for life

11:36 Germany more people rent than own. Collectives own the houses and it is a longer term model with tenancies set in stone

13:35 The squeeze coming from Auckland has meant that Palmerston North needs 500 new houses a year

14:21 There is not stigma in renting for life overseas

15:09 Financial literacy and the advantage of renting. The link between home ownership and wealth in retirement in countries like New Zealand

16:42 The first fundamentals mistakes landlords make is not charging enough rent

19:20 The second fundamental mistake landlords make is renting to family and friends

20:00 The third mistake is becoming emotionally engaged to your property

21:09 We must treat our investments property like a business

22:10 The sad problems that can occur with parents lending their children money

22:50 Money is not the problem. It is people’s attitudes towards money that is the problem

23:45 If you are going to let family rent your property you need a tenancy agreement just like any other tenant.

25:06 The advantages of having a property manager

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