Greg Watson – Property Manager Extraordinaire

Greg Watson – Property Manager Extraordinaire

00:00 / 27 minutes

In this episode Niki talks to Greg Watson- Watson Real Estate Property Management, about the changes that come with being midlife.

4:11 Greg talks about his reasons to live in Sweden and wanting to experience living with
extreme cold and the intellectual challenge of learning the Swedish Language

6:06 We discuss the experiencing the beauty of Scandinavia and its lakes as well as living with low
daylight hours. We also go onto the discuss how the Swedes deal with Seasonal Depressive disorder
in a country that has only 1 hour of daylight during parts of the year

11:55 A discussion around the advantages that may come with self-driving cars as we age and potentially
lose our licence hence our independence and autonomy.

12:57 The development of Greg’s career from Real Estate admin through to Property Manager

15:12 Greg’s check in for midlife and the joy that comes with being contented and letting go with the need
to strive to be better all the time

16:09 The traps that come with thinking what’s next continuously and being more relaxed around self
self development

17:39 Greg talks about the body being older while keeping the mind still young through life long learning

18:04 Niki and Greg discuss the danger of always striving and never arriving. Making sure you celebrate

19:11 The difference between achieving to be happy and happily achieving. Checking in around where
your self worth sits and what it is linked to

20:08 The need to experience failure and what we can learn from it. Understanding when you lose you
are not a loser

22:30 The mental health challenges that can come with always striving

23:14 What is important at the end of our lives. We cannot take our awards with us

25:36 Using the process of applying for awards for benchmarking as it always involves feedback

26:38 The fear we have around the term contentment.

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