Jacqui Olliver – – Psychosexual Relationship Specialist

Jacqui Olliver – – Psychosexual Relationship Specialist

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Please be aware todays episode is R18 rated so be careful who you listen to it around. Please be aware it discusses topics that may be uncomfortable for you or may trigger you.

Niki interviews Jacqui Olliver – a psychosexual relationship specialist.

2:33 – Jacqui talks about her journey into doing what she does now and shares her story of sexual abuse.

3:50 – a discussion about how Jacqui trained for the work she does now. She discusses the connection between the brain and the supposed sexual dysfunction.

5:10 – Niki asks Jacqui how do we find out people have a sexual dysfunction issue when it is not something we openly discuss with others.

6:30 – Niki asks Jacqui about the influence of porn at a time when it is readily available. Is porn a symptom of or a contributing factor to sexual dysfunction?

7:55 – Jacqui quotes statistics that claim 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation and 30% suffer from erectile dysfunction. Jacqui goes on to say that the statistics increase to 1 in 2 men over 40. She also says that 80% of women find it hard to orgasm during intercourse and 20% of those women can’t orgasm at all. She says that this causes confusion so people turn to porn for their sexual education.

10:30 – Niki relates this to her days as a health teacher at secondary school teaching sex education with the focus being on safe sex, STI’s, consent and avoiding pregnancy. Never a conversation around the emotional or mental side of sex.

12:10 – Niki asks Jacqui if there is a lot of shame around sexual dysfunction, particularly with men, or is that a myth.

13:24 – Niki asks Jacqui to explain what psycho sexual relationship specialist is and how it is different from sex therapists. Jacqui says she deals specifically with the mechanics of sex.

15:20 – What about Viagra and other suchlike medication. Have they helped or hindered sexual dysfunction?

19:15 – Jacqui states the 4 things that contribute to sexual dysfunction – your emotions, your thinking, your physical health and your relationship with your partner which if bad, can cause mental contamination.

21.10- the correlation between being in a relationship and seeking help for sexual dysfunction.

21:45 – Niki invites Jacqui to explain mental contamination. (thinking about the wrong thing at the wrong time)

25:15 – Niki asks for clarity around men watching porn and its contribution to unhealthy views on women and their part in the sexual act.

26:14 – Jacqui talks about the mental side of the process of watching porn and the story around watching porn.

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