Jess Stuart – success, coming out & more

Middlicious Musings
Middlicious Musings
Jess Stuart - success, coming out & more

1:36 – Niki invites Jess to talk about the success culture we live in today. Jess shares her own story and how she was striving but never felt happy.

3:17 – Jess describes how doing a job that involved a complete loss of status taught her so many valuable lessons. The discussion continues around status and Niki refers to ‘Status Anxiety’, a documentary serious by Alain de Botton and how it is those we think are most alike us that we envy the most

5:26 – Mindfulness -an antidote to the busy we live in and the pressure to be busy. How we get our self-worth from being busy because someone has noticed enough to be asked to do something. Loading ourselves up so our lives become frantic.

8:08 – Jess talks about her whole mindfulness practice. Using meditation, walking the dog and swimming as examples of opportunities to become mindful. She also talks about finding an anchor that grounds you. Jess also goes on to discuss her own meditation practice.

9:54 – Finding the pauses to check in rather than go straight into our devices. A discussion takes place about the traps that occur with devices. Is it why we are so lonely? Is it about lifting your head and noticing what is going on.

12:06 – Jess talks about the basis behind her new book she is currently writing. How to master the juggle that is our life and how we need to stop being all things to all people.

12.32 – Jess shares her very personal story about coming out. The journey of discovering who she really was after unpacking who she had become. The fear around being rejected in a conservative, christian family.

18:32 – What advice would you give a mid-lifer who wants to come out? The challenges is having to tell it more than once. The constant battle against assumptions. Are we more tolerant with being gay as Kiwi’s?

20:18 – A discussion around regrets. Jess talks about her philosophy that everything that happens creates who we are and we should never regret.

22:08 – what are the 3 lessons you want people to learn from. 1) When we get quiet, get still and by ourselves we get to know ourselves more 2) the importance of self-care 3) Learn to have a great relationship with failure. Use it as something to learn from.

25:30 – The more you risks you take the more likely you are to experience failure and that is ok. The critics are not the ones who are putting themselves out there.

26:51 – what inspires you? A thirst for knowledge. Those closest to Jess are who she values the most. Niki says how she would love to inspire her children.

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