Katherine Gillespie – Navigational Conversations facilitator and coach

Katherine Gillespie – Navigational Conversations facilitator and coach

00:00 / 27 minutes

Today I continue my conversation with Katherine Gillespie.
Katherine is a coach and also runs Navigational Conversation workshops – we talk about what that means in the podcast at 6:55 minutes.
Katherine and I discuss many things in this conversation and here are some highlights:

3.31 minutes a discussion around coaching, and what a coach is. Katherine talks about coaching ‘opening up ideas as opposed to telling’ and opening up minds to possibility and being solution focused.

5:00 minutes – the importance of being comfortable with silence. I talk about becoming a coach meant learning to be comfortable with silence and the power that comes with silence.

6:55 – Katherine talks about her Navigational conversations and how they allow managers to step away and let others do the jobs they are meant to do.

9:12 – Katherine and I get into an interesting discussion around leadership today and is there a difference between mid-life leaders and the new breed of leaders.

14:01 – I ask the question does living in the world of being focused on possibility challenge us and put us under extra pressure especially is we are not making what is possible, possible?

16:10 – an interesting discussion around the continuous stories of instant fame and fortune and is it adding to our sense of disappointment. We go on to give ideas on how to combat the pressure that comes with the bombardment of all things possible and what success looks like

19:50 – the shake up that is mid-life and the sense we have done nothing with our lives and are running out of time.

21.20 – a great discussion about what is happening in the rural sector of New Zealand and how farmers are becoming future focused and adapting to a ever changing landscape

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