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Kathryn Jackson - all things wellbeing

2:08 – Niki asks Kathryn is Social Media impacting on our well-being. Kathryn talks about the early research showing that there is a very addictive side to our communication technology today which is concerning. It has been said that Smart Phones may well become the smoking of our generation. There is concern about children becoming little mini-addicts if there exposure to these devices is too frequent.

4:12 – A discussion about keyboard warriors. A lot of ‘bravery’ when you are faceless but not a lot of kindness,
However she also goes on to say that modern technology has increased our social connectedness. We can connect with people all over the world with little effort. Both Niki and Kathryn refer to the Simon Sinek video about phone use in relationships. Do we need to put boundaries around technology.

9:38 – We discuss the issues in the workplace around social media. Kathryn says she likes to think there is an element of trust involved however most workplaces have preventive policies to limit use of social media during work hours. It is an ongoing and developing issue that few work places have mastered at this stage.

12:13 – Niki invites Kathryn to talk about her very successful book ‘Resilience at work’. For 6 months it was a secret book then a call came in January to say it had been short-listed for the best international business book. This was a game changer and the book catapulted into a best seller. Kathryn also tells the story of why she wrote the book in the first place and the strength of having it published by a publishing house first off.

16:41 – What do we need to be resilient at work? Niki eludes to mid-lifers who are often in situations where things need to change in their work life.
1) Decide for yourself what wellbeing at work looks like first. For example if balance is important then make that your priority.
2) Then work out how you are going to navigate the bumps in the road to maintain what it is your desire.

23:00 – Kathryn also states the importance of treating work as something that fits into your whole life and not a separate entity that everything else has to work around.
Niki discusses her going to London to study under Dr Robert Holden and doing Success Intelligence coach training and the basis of this being clarity around what it is your truly want.
Kathryn talks about how many of us are on the ‘sleep walk of doom’. Being unconscious about our work lives and living it re-actively. The importance of conscious action.

24:45 – She goes onto say how being in Christchurch during the earthquakes and, in particular, the Kaikoura earthquake changed everything for a lot of people including herself. Kathryn invites us to notice what we are choosing to notice.

Kathryn can be found on www.careerbalance.co.nz and her book is ‘Resilience at work’.

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