Lynette Bailey -living a different life

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Lynette Bailey -living a different life

In this episode Niki interviews Lynette Bailey about making different choices in mid-life. Lynette and her husband spend 6 months living in New Zealand contracting and 6 months over in Australia Sapphire Mining.

2:14 – Lynette talks about the magic of her childhood and the trauma that came with losing her dad. She also goes on to talk about her graduation from university with a Diploma of Business.

4:05 – The delicious mid-life of being a multi contractor in New Zealand for 6 months and being a Sapphire miner in Australia

4:45 – Lynette goes into more detail on the death of her father at 17. She discusses her fathers illness since she was 13 and how he would not allow sadness set into the family at his impending death.

5:35 – ‘I made some poor choices but not bad decisions’. In other words I made informed bad decisions. Lynette talks about her dads death affected her life in her late teens and early twenties. You can’t live backwards only living forward.

7.02 – Sapphire mining. A discussion about how it came out. Lynette talks about not enjoying who she was becoming in her corporate job. Getting involved in politics that were’t hers. So a decision was made to have an adventure which then lead to Sapphire mining

9.00 – the challenges with Sapphire mining. Lynette talks with humour about how her and her husband bought 3 sapphire mines now realizing they will never dig out one.

10:00 -a discussion around work politics. How does one keep out of it when we are surrounded by it. Lynette shares the advice of focusing on yourself and asking yourself if this is who you want to be. Niki talks about Brene Brown’s term – common enemy friends. When we operate out of inadequacy we do not operate well.

12:15 – Sapphire mining. What does it all mean? Going down a shaft 30-40 metre’s underground. Lynette talks about their daily routine over there while they are over in Australia. She talks about the details and the physicality of the job. She describes it as going to the gym for a workout without having to pay for the bill.

16:00 – Lynette shares a funny story about her everyday life while Sapphire mining. A moment where a realization hit her that she cannot stop – she needs to keep on going. Niki shares a funny work story from when she worked for a vet many years ago.

18:45 – The detail of living in the mining situation. Living without power, without any of the things that we take for granted in our modern day living.

19:55 – Niki asks the question about living in each others pockets for 6 months of the year and what challenges they faced with this intense change. Lynette talks about the change in communication and the importance of that. She goes onto talk about the changes in dynamics of their relationship and Greg taking up a lot of the things Lynette was too exhausted to do.

21:50 – a discussion on the importance of compromise in relationships. How a relationships is not a competition. It is about give and take.

23:20 – a discussion around people saying that Lynette and Greg are ‘lucky’ and how life is about choices. Once decisions are made it is easy and the beauty of simplifying your life.

25:21 – If there is one thing you would like to say to anyone in the position where they are tired of their life what would it be. ‘you are never too old to change. If you can’t accept your life then change it or just accept it.’ Ask the question what if you don’t do it rather than what if you do.

27:00 – ‘We don’t think about making a living – we like to think we are making a lifestyle’

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  1. Rosalie

    Raise your Glass and give a big “Well Done”

    • NikiG

      Thank you Rosalie – you will enjoy the second episode which I have just posted

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