Lynette Bailey – Living your own life

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Middlicious Musings
Lynette Bailey - Living your own life

Niki speaks to Lynette Bailey again about the life she lives between 2 places – Australia and New Zealand

1:19 – Niki asks the question ‘Where is home’ and Lynette answers that home is where she is. She also goes on to say that she does not long for where she is not. A discussion about how we so often miss where we are by longing for what is not

2:20 – What were the challenges Lynette and her husband faced to create the lifestyle they have now. She talks about how they downsized here so they did not have debt. She also talks about how having so little in their ‘humpy’ has meant they crave less here. They don’t want more stuff. Niki goes on to say that she has regular cull outs because she does not want clutter around her. And it helps the clutter in her head

4:15 – What has surprised Lynette about what she has done. She goes on to discuss how easy it has been. 2 separate lives and how they have separate cars, clothes, household items so the transition is easy and does not require a lot of packing.

5:00 – What would you say to someone who wants to do something different but their partner does not want to? Practice – take a small thing and build on it. NIki talks about the compromises we make because of the relationships we are in. How often mid-life women revolved around the husbands they are/were with.

7:00 – what are the reasons people don’t do something? Fear around money. Fear around it not working out? Fear around the body not hacking things like mining. Lynette says in the first week back mining her body takes a bit of adjustment. She is aware that the time may come where their bodies cannot hack it at all so they will just change the way they are doing it.

8:45 – You are never too far down the road to change direction. Niki and Lynette have a discussion around people’s fear about admitting they no longer want to do what they are doing so they change direction. ‘sometimes are are too focused on planning for a future rather than living in the present.

10:10 – Lynette talks her mother being her ageing role model. How ahead of her time she was and always encouraged Lynette to do anything she wanted. And she told Lynette to always have her own bank account so she could always fend for herself. They go on to discuss the wisdom from everyday people who are living everyday life

12:03 – A discussion around people who think someone else’s money is going to save them and the importance of being financially independent and the freedom that comes with that.

13:00 – how grandchildren change everything. How we are lucky today that we can keep in touch with grandchildren no matter where they are. Niki makes the comment that they remind us about what life is really about. The discussion goes on to talk about how children remind us of the magic of life. Both admit to having a passion for Christmas movies. And making sure we stay in touch with magic every where.

16:00 -Lynette talks about how 50 was a really important number for her where she released herself of all the things we get uptight about that are not important. How because many of her family that did not reach 50 and how exciting it was to have got there.

17:30-the importance of not worrying about the small things. Lynette talks about how she has a mantra that if she is still stressing about anything in a months time she will do something about it. They also discuss how lets leave the real stressing out for the unexpected things that can drop us to our knees.

19:00 -Why banking? Lynette talks about how she fell into banking after school. She also goes onto say how she ended up in the Manawatu moving down from Auckland. Also the importance of friends around us who believe in us and want us to reach our full potential. How it also meant she studied.

21:00 – the importance of doing what it is they love. That doing what it is you love to do and want to do without worrying about what others may think. They on to discuss engagement in the work place. Is it contributed to by attitude?

23:00 – Beliefs around leadership and what good leadership is? The importance of great leadership and how great leaders recognize and develop the next leaders. The difference between operating from a space of ego and a space of grace. People who operate from a space of ego are easily bruised so they hold people back.

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