Mark Hadlow talking about MAMIl

Mark Hadlow talking about MAMIl

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1:05 – Niki introduces her guest Mark Hadlow who is in Palmerston North performing MAMIL at Centrepoint Theatre.

2:06 – Mark talks about how difficult to find continuous and consistent work as an actor

2:37 – He goes on to discuss the changing landscape with the decreased funding for the creative arts and the increased competition through entertainment that is available at home

3:15 – Niki and Mark talk about getting people back into live theatre. Niki poses the questions with what people spend on things such as Netflix, Sky, Lightbox, Apple TV etc could easily cover a couple of theatre tickets

5:40 – How the issues today with the increased cost of living and how that is contributing to what is happening with the decreasing audience numbers at live theatre sometimes meaning actors are asked to take a pay cut.

9:05 – a discussion about what is wonderful about New Zealand theatre putting on New Zealand plays and how it is a commentary on the society we live in. How important this work is.

10:00 – Niki asks Mark what he has seen change in his 41 years he has been involved in theatre. He goes onto discuss how he loves what theatre enables audiences to do. To bare witness to whatever it is they want to see in what is in front of them.

13:39 – How important it is for theatre to tour around the country, particularly to our small rural areas that have wonderful halls and places to bring the communities together. Mark talks about his start with Mercury Education Theatre and travelling around performing at schools.

16:32 – Niki shares the level of discomfort that can occur as an audience member when you are so close to the action particularly in smaller theatres like Centrepoint in Palmerston North

18:00 – Mark challenges Kiwi’s habit of sitting in the back row at theatre and how much better the experience is in the front row. In the front row you are more likely to be engaged. He also shares a story of a woman in Christchurch who he stopped the play to challenge her on her phone use and invited her to leave because of how she was interrupting the actor and the audience.

23:15 – Marks story around why he became an actor and his story of acting in school, to being in the Navy Band to attending drama school and then going onto performing with the Mercury Education Theatre.

26:00 – an interesting discussion around the damage of reality TV and how it is stripping the value of great drama and the stripping of talent to make it succeed.

28:41 – NIki and Mark have a discussion around Baby Boomers being hated at the moment and Mark challenges that because the world we actually have and that was created by Boomers is actually not that bad.

30:21 – Shortland Street the Musical and how surprised and saddened Mark was that it died at the box office. He also talks about the challenge of theatre in Auckland with transport difficulties and costs.

36:36 – Niki asks Mark about ageism in the industry. Is there a difference between the Brits who seem to embrace older women and America who just don’t seem to.

40:43 – Niki gets excited as she asks Mark about working with Aidan Turner when he worked on the set of the Hobbit as well as Ian McKellan and Martin Freeman.

42:33 – Mark starts to talk about MAMIL and how it came about. He shares the experience that started it all and the process involved in Greg Cooper writing it and Mark performing. He says the themes have an international flavour and wonderful it is.

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