Natalie Tolhopf – business coach

Natalie Tolhopf – business coach

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In this episode Niki interviews Natalie Tolhopf who works as a business coach helping small businesses become profitable.

2:00 – Natalie gives the speed date version of her life. It starts a discussion around how there is pressure on us today to be that ‘rags-to-riches’ story so that we can fly the flag for success.

3:10 – Niki talks about the saying above her computer – ‘Rich not Famous’ and how her focus is on creating abundance rather than fame

4:00 – Natalie talks about her early experience training as a chef and how 1) she learned about the freedom earning your own money can give you and 2) how it taught her discipline and how she is very routine and consistent in her processes today. This leads into a discussion between the two around discipline and the importance it has if you want to build anything successful in life

5:50 – Niki asks Natalie about her work as an ‘accountability’ coach or as Natalie puts it, a business coach for high achieving women.

6:29 – a discussion starts around a possible connection between ageism in the workforce and people in mid life, particularly women, starting business because they cannot get a job. Niki invites Natalie to share her top 3 tips for people considering going into business at midlife.

7:49 – Understanding the advantages of being a little older – Natalie shares a case study of a midlife women in business and struggling to keep up with the online world and Natalie reminding her that she works best in the offline world and to realise that a more mature face often says trusting to people

10:08 – tip no 1. If you don’t know what kind of business you want to do pick something you find easy and other people don’t. Natalie goes on to give examples of this. Niki shares that this is the reason her focus is on midlifers and how she has stopped chasing rabbits.

12:03 – tip no 2: Be you. Don’t focus on the competition and how well they are doing. Focus on doing things your way and how you are. Bring your intonations into play. ‘In a field of flowers, one flower is not going to say I am not going to bloom today because you are already blooming. It is going to bloom in its own way anyway.’

13:42 Tip no 3:The power of authenticity. Natalie also goes on to talk about the attract and repel in marketing with authenticity and how it will attract the right clients for you and repel those that you cannot and do not want to work with. The law of polarity. Accepting that there are people out there that do not like you and that is ok.

15:20: Natalie talks about when to know to quit. She discusses her 2 previous failures and what she learned from that and the difference between ‘flogging a dead horse’ and knowing when to pivot quickly to change your business so it works. She also talks about the importance of understanding it takes time. Nothing is instance and patience is required as well as some financial backup so the business can continue. With all the stories about ‘instant’ success people have unrealistic expectations .

16:00: A great discussion around the anxiety not having great cashflow puts business people under and being realistic to focus on getting money through the business. Natalie gives a case study to support her theory.

19:05 – Natalie tells her very honest story about leaving a very lucrative job to start a business because she fell for the highlight reels of social media and thought she would make 6 figures in a couple of months only to then crash and burn. She puts this down to the reason that she is very real with her business coaching .

20:30: Niki asks Nat about selling intangibles. Natalies response by saying it is a mindset and there are tangibles that can be created like frameworks, systems and philosophies.

25:00 – Niki invites Natalie to share what she thinks people need to look for in a business coach. 1) look for someone how maybe specializes in what you do. 2) someone who walks at the same pace as you. 3) Changing your goals if you look at them and feel despondent. Setting a big goal is great however it is the steps to get there that matter in the end.

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