Peter Russell – Professional Rugby Coach

Peter Russell – Professional Rugby Coach

00:00 / 27 minutes

Niki is joined again by Peter Russell – professional rugby coach.

In this episode:
– the unglamorous side of professional sport
– are we losing the Tall Poppy syndrome in New Zealand?
– the pressure of winning in the professional sport stadium
– the power of believing in yourself and a strong vision
– Learning from the losses
– Developing the team through developing young players
– A loss can be an important thing to learn from
– The positive side of small resources and the ingenuity it brings out
– Professional sports people are entertainers as much as anything
– the Power of the All Black brand
– Japan as a nation of respect
– the difference between Japanese and New Zealand culture
– is the concept of love different with different cultures
– the nature of agreements and honouring agreements
– the timelessness of great wisdom.
– the fragility and pressure of the coach position
– the importance of culture

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